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72% of Europeans dance, (the Spanish more frequently than others: 87%) and 18% of them even say they dance very often. There appears to be a general interest in dance in all European countries. To a certain extent, some cultures have been assimilated by dance in the same way that there is a form of assimilation by music.

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The numbers from Just Dance

  • of Europeans dance

  • think that dancing allows them to reveal their personality

  • have re-discovered someone while seeing them dance

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Our experts

Image Ronan Chastellier

Ronan Chastellier

Sociologist Dance allows us to reconnect with a form of authentic spontaneity.

Ronan Chastellier is a sociologist and president of 'Tendaço'. An expert in upcoming trends and contemporary culture, he has been an editorial advisor for Technikart magazine and written for L'Express, les Echos, Le Monde, BFM and Metronews, as well as working as a strategic planning manager at Edelman

and 'strategic planner' for a number of advertising agencies (McCann, BDDP, TBWA, etc.) A senior lecturer at the Paris Institute of Political Studies, he is the author of 'Marketing Jeune' (published by Village Mondiale) and 'Tendançologie' (published by Eyrolles), two seminal books about young people and trends, as well as 'Essai de frugalité contemporaine' (An essay on contemporary frugality) published by Editions du Moment.

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Image Myriam Journois

Myriam Journois

Equipenscene Co-founder Dance helps us become closer to others on a number of levels, firstly because dance has always helped form a social connection.

Co-founder of the Company Equipenscène, since 12 years she is Consultant specialized in interactive artistic team-building animations and also performs pedagogical playful and artistic projects. Former dancer of the Opera ballet school of Paris, Paris modern’jazz teacher, Master Degree in Law.

Myriam combines her 10-years Audit firm experience with her expertise in managing artistic projects. Trained in Dance History by Mrs Prudhommeau and at the « Atelier du Geste Rythmé » of Mrs Schott-Billmann (Professor of Dance advanced studies course at the University of La Sorbonne). Used to cross-training (classic, jazz and primitive dance – simple kinemes), Myriam implements dance workshops for companies, designs and carries out on-the-fly choreographies which are customized to the participants’ potential (artistic shows) and unconventional pedagogic programs related to the relational posture.

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Image Raphaël de Gubernatis

Raphaël de Gubernatis

Journalist @ Nouvel Obs Dance is a form of release that allows us to let go and free some of our deepest feelings.

Born in Geneva, Raphaël grew up in Switzerland, Spain and Germany. In 1979, after four years in Poland, he moved to Paris and started working for 'Les Nouvelles littéraires' and 'Le Quotidien de Paris'. In 1982, he began writing for the Nouvel Observateur, where he founded their column on choreography.

Raphaël went on to contribute to some collective works and wrote the first biographies of Pina Bausch and Merc Cunningham. At the Nouvel Observateur, he wrote articles on dance, musical theatre, historical exhibitions, cultural heritage, travel and a large number of other cultural subjects.

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About Just Dance

Dance to the hottest hits and family favourites by following our dancers and scoring your best moves on smartphones and every gaming platform.

Since 2009, Just Dance has encouraged a love of music in more than 118 million players worldwide, becoming the biggest music video game franchise of all time. Our mission is to bring people together by unleashing the inner dancer in all of us.

Because you never truly know someone until you've danced with them.

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